Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute
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Clinical and Translational Research Training

Accelerate the Dissemination and Impact of Your Research Findings

with Katja Reuter, PhD

Appointments and Promotions

with Judy Garner, PhD

Become a Successful Digital Scholar

with Katja Reuter, PhD

Bias in Clinical/Translational Research; Analyzing Data and Interpreting the Results—Session 4

with Jonathan Samet, MD, MS; Wendy Mack, PhD

Clinical Data for Translational Science Research; Bioinformatics and High-Density Data, Session 3

with Joshua Lee, MD; Huaiyu Mi, PhD

Clinical Trials Hurdles Lecture 1/2: Challenges of Clinical Trial Management


Clinical Trials Hurdles Lecture 3: FDA GCP Inspections


Clinical Trials Hurdles Lecture 4: Trial Master Files


Clinical Trials Hurdles Lecture 5: Clinical Trial Data Disposition, Results, and Transparency Group


Community-Engaged Research 101

with Katrina Kubicek, MA

Creating Compelling Infographics

with Katja Reuter, PhD

Ethics Consultation #1: Dealing with conflicts with your mentor

with Donna Spruijt-Metz, PhD

Introduction to Clinical and Translational Research, Session 1

with Jonathan Samet, MD, MS; Cecilia Patino-Sutton, MD, MeD, PhD

Introduction to Monitoring, Auditing, and FDA Inspections & Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

with Eunjoo Pacifici; Nancy Smerkanich

Introduction to Research Ethics

with Alexander Capron, LLB

iStar Training Videos

with Martin Koning-Bastiaan

Leverage Science Crowdfunding

with Katja Reuter, PhD; Melanie Funes, PhD; Denny Luan; Andrew Wong

Promotora Instructional Video

with Victoria (Vicky) Avila; Marisela Robles, MS

Regulatory Science Series

with Benson Kuo, PhD, RAC; Frances Richmond, PhD; Daniel Shapiro; Edward Gomperts, MD; Ellen Whalen, RN, MSN, DRSc; Daryl Davies, PhD

So You Want to Apply for a NRSA

with Jamaica Rettberg, PhD candidate

Study Population and Study Design in Clinical and Translational Research, Session 2

with Jonathan Samet, MD, MS

The Art of Mentorship and Being Mentored

with Emil Bogenmann, PhD, EdD

Utilize Digital and Social Media Data for Your Research

with Thomas Lee, BS, NHA; Audun Utengen, MBA; Katja Reuter, PhD